L E S S   I S   M O R E   +   S M A R T E R   T O G E T H E R

Letter from
the Chairman

I remember a campaign we developed a few years ago called “Love Superyachts”. It was designed to reinforce to the market our focus and obsession with the incredible projects that our industry creates. The campaign was fun, engaging and different; it made people smile and take pictures of themselves up mountains with a little heart-shaped sticker attached to ski lifts. This campaign is part of our DNA, and even today everyone who works within our organisation “Loves Superyachts”, which is why we do what we do.

We want to create products that help people own, buy, build or operate superyachts in the smartest and most effective way. We want to build a community of the most important decision-makers and influencers who also love superyachts. We want to ensure the market keeps growing through reaching out, informing, educating and inspiring people to own and enjoy superyachts. And, most of all, we want our clients, partners and friends to all have successful businesses that reach their customers via our portfolio of products and services.

Essentially, we have created a business that is focused on and “Loves Superyachts”, and want to make sure that by working with our passionate and obsessive team, you begin to love what we do, and understand how we can support your business and strategy. Our portfolio is simple and straightforward, but of the highest quality - and it delivers incredible value. Our services are of unrivalled quality and aim for excellence at all times.

We announced our “Less is More” mantra last year, when we merged our portfolio into what made the most sense for our clients. This continues with further changes to the portfolio. This year, we have the additional mantra of “Smarter Together”. This refers to how we work as The Superyacht Group, with our sister company The Superyacht Agency, but also to how the two entities work with our clients and partners.

We believe that in our unique market “Less is More” and, in order to grow, we will all be “Smarter Together”.

We look forward to working with you for a smart and effective future

M A R T I N   H  .  R E D M A Y N E

Smarter Together

Over the past 12 months we have worked very closely with some of the biggest brands in the market, providing a combination of marketing opportunities and engagement with the industry via our media channels and event platforms. However, what has become apparent in our approach is, through our creative partner The Superyacht Agency, we have the unique ability to deliver creative and strategic ideas, bespoke intelligence or private events that enhance the experience and effectiveness of our partnerships with any of our clients. So, from 2019 and beyond, The Superyacht Group and The Superyacht Agency will formally combine all our resources, skills and experience to provide the market with the most valuable media channels in The Superyacht Report and SuperyachtNews.com, connected to our events in The Superyacht Forum portfolio. However, every team member of The Superyacht Group will be fully integrated with The Superyacht Agency team in order to deliver the most intelligent, effective and valuable creative and strategic marketing ideas for some of the most important brands in the market. To deliver even more value, The Superyacht Group and The Superyacht Agency will be Working Together.

Our Mission

To provide the most valuable information, intelligence and interactive experiences for the most powerful network of decision-makers, influencers and advisors in the superyacht sector.

Our Objectives

  • To build the most valuable network of advisors, buyers and influencers
  • To provide this network with the best-quality information
  • To ensure that every decision-maker is fully engaged with our portfolio
  • To be recognised as the most respected team in the market
  • To always be focused on delivering the best customer journey
  • To make sure our partners and clients meet their objectives
  • To make sure our partners connect with their target audience
  • To always enjoy what we do and have pride in our work

Our Promise

  • We want to make your investment in our portfolio work effectively
  • We want your money to work harder for you to deliver optimal value
  • We want to help grow your business and make sure you reach new customers
  • We want you to understand that we are here to guide, advise and help
  • We promise not to sell you something you don’t need
  • We want to build a trusted partnership for the future
  • We want to meet you to get to know how your business operates
  • We want you to meet our whole team, not just a sales rep

The Audience

With only 5,000+ active superyachts and a delivery schedule of less than 150 per annum, we are not talking about a huge target audience. In fact, many of the yachts are more than 25 years old and represent an ageing fleet with limited annual spend or activity.

Therefore, our Group is focused on an audience that comprises the owners, captains, senior crew, designers, builders, repairers, brokers, managers and support network that serve the most valuable and active fleet. Therefore, if you want to connect with any of the key decision-makers across the superyacht market, we deliver the most cost-effective and targeted channels available. Following our mantra of “Less is More”, if you want to reach a few hundred captains of superyachts over 65m, or only the managers of the larger fleets, we know how to help.


Active Captains
Chief Engineers
Chief Officers
Superyacht Owners
Senior Crew
Shipyard Management & Project Managers
Owners Representatives & Advisors
Potential Owners and Charter Clients
Brokers and Consultants
Superyacht Managers
other Crew
Designers & Naval Architects
Lawyers and Professional Advisors
Family Offices
Corporate Service Providers
Marina Management
Government offices
Decision makers, buyers, Influencers and advisors

Our Portfolio

To make life easier for everyone we have integrated our portfolio
into three primary channels:

The Superyacht Report

Now comprising a single flagship magazine, published 8 times a year. By merging The Crew Report and our respected Annual Reports into the new edition of The Superyacht Report, we are confident that this report will be the most important and valuable magazine in the market.


With such an increase in audience engagement since we relaunched SuperyachtNews.com, we have also merged our other digital channels into this primary platform, so any of our 90,000+ unique visitors can now access our Index and Intelligence channels too.

The Superyacht Forum

Over the past 25 years, we have delivered the most important conferences and meetings in the superyacht calendar, and The Superyacht Forum has proved to be the largest and most respected meeting of industry decision makers. This brand will now extend across the market with new pop-up events such as The Superyacht Design Forum and The Superyacht Captains’ Forum.


We recognise that the market is full of magazines of all shapes, sizes and quality, so we have spent the past couple of years creating something pretty unique and exclusive. In 2019, we will deliver just one magazine 8 times a year, The Superyacht Report, published with the mission of providing decision-makers and influencers with the most relevant, topical and reliable journalism available today.

Each issue will have a very specific theme, a very specific editorial architecture and highly valuable intelligence to support the content. This guarantees a relevant and valuable audience, but also provides creative opportunities to invest in particular topics or sections in order to reinforce your brand or message.


Having undergone a huge redesign in 2017 - and with the ongoing investment in our news, journalism, intelligence and opinions - we have seen a huge growth in the engagement and interaction with SuperyachtNews.com. Our audience of decision-makers and influencers use SuperyachtNews.com to read what’s happening, what business leaders are thinking and how the market is performing.

As a result of our focus on quality, not quantity, we have delivered exclusive and valuable stories that inform the market and shape the industry. Everything about SuperyachtNews.com is focused on engaging the right people with the right news and leaving out the peripheral fluff or PR. This guarantees that any digital marketing campaign is served intelligently and with maximum impact.



The Audience
Since relaunching in September 2016 we have seen the unique visitors grow from 36,000+ per month to 90,000+ per month in 2018. That shows an audience increase of 155% in 2 years.

With an intelligent, informed and interactive site, the average time spent on SuperyachtNews has grown by 167% - from 3 minutes and 7 seconds to 8 minutes and 21 seconds.

Bounce Rate
Since relaunching SuperyachtNews as a more engaging platform, we have seen a dramatic drop in our bounce rate, as people are valuing our content and venturing much further than their original destination page, reflected in the drop of our bounce from 56% to 4% - a 93% decrease.


Over the past 10 years, we have created a definitive directory that allows any reader of The Superyacht Report or visitor to SuperyachtIndex.com to find more than 5,000 suppliers, subcontractors and service providers. Being listed on SuperyachtIndex.com gives businesses the opportunity to have their own microsite inclusive of their own video content and imagery, and upload their own PR directly to the SuperyachtNews.com homepage.

In September 2018, SuperyachtIndex.com was integrated with SuperyachtNews.com, the industry’s most respected and valued source of journalism, which means every business listed on SuperyachtIndex.com is now visible to more than 80,000 SuperyachtNews.com unique monthly visitors.

The Superyacht

Our conference activities follow the same focus and approach as our print and digital channels in order to attract the most valuable audiences. Whether it's the 800+ delegates at our flagship event - The Superyacht Forum - or the 200 delegates at the Design Forum, our journalists and event managers work together to deliver an environment of topical and relevant debate that attracts the most important decision-makers because they recognise the quality of the programme and the debate.

The networking is of paramount importance, as is the social interaction, and while we may not throw the most lavish black-tie events, we focus on the quality of engagement and deliver a relaxed interactive experience for all levels of the industry.


The Superyacht

For the past six years, The Superyacht Group has worked with its sister company, The Superyacht Agency - a full service strategic and creative agency focused on the superyacht market. In 2019, we are merging all our specialist services into the Agency so that it will be clear how the Group and the Agency can support our clients with bespoke ideas, strategic projects and creative solutions.

The team comprises brilliant creatives, market analysts, event planners, strategic minds, digital experts and marketing consultants who have a diverse range of knowledge across the luxury and superyacht space.

By combining the skills and services of The Superyacht Agency, we can ensure that any client can deliver the most effective campaigns and strategies across our focused portfolio and to the wider market.

Our Mission

By applying a 360-degree marketing approach, we help our clients stand out in a crowded superyacht landscape with engaging ideas, unique solutions and intelligent execution.

Our strategic and creative team builds Intelligent, Inspired and Interactive Ideas.

Our Objectives

  • To identify where you are in the market
  • To understand where you want to be in the market
  • To help you build a brand and marketing strategy that is clear and delivers value
  • To reach your target customer in the most effective and intelligent way
  • To create opportunities to meet your customers, face to face
  • To deliver campaigns and marketing ideas that generate tangible results
  • To work with the most intelligent and interesting brands in the market

Our Proposition

Whether you need to just upgrade your website, completely rebrand your business, build a dynamic digital campaign, host a private event for your best customers, arrange a video shoot with complete storyboard, research a new territory, analyse the competition or test a new product, The Superyacht Agency delivers a 360-degree marketing approach through research, analysis, strategy, creativity and interactivity.

We are not a ‘jack of all trades’; we are a focused team of experts passionate about marketing and strategy that lives and breathes the superyacht market. With more than 25 years’ experience in the superyacht world and a team of experts who are connected globally, we really understand how this unique market works and what marketing solutions deliver.

Our Clients


By combining the unrivalled expertise of The Superyacht Group’s editors and analysts, with the strategic thinking of our Agency team, we can deliver the research, methodology and analysis that can support a business plan, a brand strategy or market positioning assessment.

  • Brand perception and analysis
  • Market-share perception and analysis
  • Refit potential
  • Resale value analysis
  • Economic impact analysis


Understanding where you want to be - and knowing how to get there - is perhaps the most important part of a marketing strategy. The combination of our market-leading media channels, our commercial relationships across the market and our comprehensive database of decision makers, allows our team to work with any client on a strategy that will be effective and will deliver results. Knowing who to reach, and how and when to reach them, is the combination of our market insight and our smart thinking. We won’t just make predictable recommendations and we won’t waste your money.


The superyacht market is made up of a diverse mix of brands and marketing collateral that, over the year,s has followed a copycat approach. Our team of creatives monitor the market and watch the wider world of branding to bring our clients fresh ideas and creative solutions that will stand out and create an impact or get noticed for the right reasons. We all operate in a crowded ‘brandscape’ and we pride ourselves on thinking creatively, but intelligently and differently. However, we never ‘think outside the box’ - because that’s what everyone else does.


Imagine hosting a dinner for 10 yacht owners in a private room, so you can ask them strategic questions about a business model, or building a focus group of technical experts who can explore the viability of a new product. Events can be as large or as small as you need, but most importantly, they need to bring customers together for a strategic purpose, not just a social gathering. People say there are too many events in the calendar; we say there are not enough quality customer experiences. We create events that deliver value, customers and loyalty ... and they don’t have to be expensive.

Case Studies

Red Ensign Group

Brand identity, print & digital advertising campaign
Editorial and Agency

The Red Ensign Group commissioned a large research project with The Superyacht Intelligence Agency, which provided the group with an insightful summary of industry understanding of yachting codes. This helped the group to launch its major REG Code to market in an intuitive way at the 2017 edition of The Superyacht Forum.

Camper & Nicholsons

Print & digital advertising campaign
Editorial and Agency

We identified an opportunity to enhance a traditional advertising campaign into an integrated digital and print campaign. This approach fused editorial and advertising content, digital activity and a bespoke insert which captured true capabilities of this full-service company.


Brand identity, print & digital advertising campaign
Editorial and Agency

We delivered a major rebrand for MB92 which continues to develop and enhance as they grow in scale. This covered every required output from small-scale event merchandise through to exterior property visuals. Most recently, we have adapted the brand to include a new shipyard facility in La Ciotat, France.


Intel, events and agency
Annual VIP dinner

We strategically integrate our services with clients to deliver against their market objectives. Sevenstar completed a bespoke intelligence report that informed our creative and events approach, delivering a unique experiential event, effectively communicating key brand messages to specific audiences.

Who are we?

The Superyacht Group is one of the few privately owned, fully independent media businesses in the sector.

Our business is built around the core values of excellent customer service, high-quality journalism and intelligence and a rare passion to deliver the best products and services we can for our audience and partners.

Our newly refined and refreshed portfolio is there to ensure that all buyers and their advisors interact with our information, insight, opinions and intelligence on a daily basis because they know it can be relied on and be trusted as the best in class. Over the past 25 years, we have evolved, grown, changed course and added new initiatives to our portfolio in order to serve the market and stand out from the crowd of other media companies. We love superyachts, and our diverse team of journalists, editors, account managers, analysts, marketers, support staff and researchers strives for excellence in everything we do.

Where are we?

The Superyacht Group’s headquarters are based in London in the cool, relaxed and fun part of this powerful city, known as Northcote Road.

A dynamic social hub of bars, restaurants and culinary artisans, sandwiched between two vast green parks and connected to the world through fantastic transport links to the airports and rail networks of London that allow any of our team to jump on a plane within a hour. However, our team is constantly travelling the globe to meet partners, attend and host events or to visit shipyards and major yachting hubs, from Seattle to Singapore and New Zealand

to New York and everywhere in between. We have journalists in key locations in Italy and Palma Mallorca, with plans to have a more permanent operation in Asia and the USA for our future strategic plans. Next time you’re in London please stop by and we will entertain you at any of the cafés or wine bars that are within a few seconds of our front door.

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