I N F O R M E D   .   I N T E L L I G E N T   .   I N T E R A C T I V E

D E L I V E R I N G   S U P E R Y A C H T   N E W S ,   O P I N I O N S ,   R E P O R T S ,
I N T E L L I G E N C E   &   E V E N T S   F O R   O V E R   2 5   Y E A R S


Welcome to The Superyacht Group’s 2018 Product Portfolio and Presentation, a comprehensive tool that is designed to help every client plan their future marketing campaigns and strategies. This report shows you how we have invested in our portfolio, the growth we have achieved and the way in which our audience has engaged with the new and evolved products.

One of the most important things I’d like to reinforce for 2018 and beyond is the fact that we have the creativity, the flexibility and the unique ability to work with any client, no matter how big or how small. Our portfolio allows the smallest start-up to invest in effective targeted marketing as much a major shipyard can create a compelling global campaign.

Every company needs to market itself, but we recognise that there is such a diverse mix of companies, business models, strategies and campaign ideas that our Account Managers and Account Directors spend time understanding exactly what you need and customising a strategy that is as effective as it is affordable.

Whether you want to reach out digitally, directly or socially, whether you want to make a big print impact or host a huge

event or create something exclusive and unique, we have a team of strategic experts, digital and social gurus, and creative geniuses who can work with you and your team to deliver a message, campaign or proposition, directly to your target audience.

If you want to reach 100 captains with a specific message, reach everyone that matters in the market, entertain some of the most important designers, raise your profile in front of an UHNW segment or connect with the industry’s most important CEOs and influencers, everything can be tailored to reach your perfect audience. It is no longer about blasting out messages and hoping people are listening; it’s all about reaching the right audience that is engaged and focused on the right media mix and therefore more likely to react to your marketing campaigns.

When you work with The Superyacht Group, we not only understand the superyacht market, we understand how to market. Contact me or any of my team and we will work with you as a marketing partner to deliver effective results.

M A R T I N   H  .  R E D M A Y N E

Our Mission
and Objectives

Success is measured in many ways, but in our media space we measure success by the quality of our audience and the level of engagement with our channels. We have seen an incredible growth in our online audience as you will see throughout this presentation, plus we have created a new report style that has been nominated for awards but more importantly, has seen our most powerful readership adopt it as their must-read report. It was all part of our new strategy, to make sure everything we did was the best in the market in terms of journalism, design and production. We are confident we have set a very high standard for our team; however, the next phase of our Group’s plan is to maintain this and to grow our audience further, so we are confident that everyone who really matters or who makes decisions in our industry will become loyal and avid readers. And remember it is not always about, how many, but who.


To provide valuable information, intelligence and interactive experiences for the most powerful network of decision makers, influencers and advisors in the superyacht sector and therefore provide the best value opportunities for our partners to communicate and engage with the same network.


  • To build and manage the most valuable network of advisors, buyers and influencers.

  • To provide this network with the best quality information channels and events.

  • To ensure that every buyer of superyachts, equipment and services is fully engaged with our portfolio.

  • To be recognised as the most respected and renowned team of analysts and journalists in the market.

  • To always be focused on delivering the best customer journey for our complete portfolio.

  • To make sure our partners and clients meet their objectives and connect with their most relevant target audience.

Our Promise
to you

Our future strategy is based on a clearly defined and open partnership with our clients.

We want to know everything there is to know about your business, so we can support you with the best advice and strategic ideas that fit your needs. We will not sell you something just because it’s in our portfolio. Some clients never want or need to advertise or market themselves conventionally, but we understand that you may need some unique insight or research that will help you understand where you are heading or what may need to change.


  • We want to make your investment in our portfolio work effectively.

  • We want your money to work harder for you to deliver extra added value.

  • We want to help grow your business and make sure you reach new customers.

  • We want you to understand that we are here to guide, advise and help.

  • We promise not to sell you something you don’t need.

  • We want to build a trusted partnership for the future.

  • We want to meet you to get to know how your business operates.

  • We want you to meet our whole team and not just a sales rep.



Over the past 25 years, we have invested in quality, in terms of production, print, design and most importantly, journalism. A magazine is worth advertising in, if it has an engaged audience of quality readers.


Drawing on 25 years of experience, our bespoke events agency is on hand to create intelligent, engaging and memorable events for you and your business. Along with our annual conference, The Superyacht Forum, we provide the market with the most powerful meeting places for the industry’s key influencers and decision makers.


The digital landscape is changing all the time and over the past year we have built an expert team to create a futureproofed web platform that is driven by journalism and opinions. Since the relaunch of SuperyachtNews.com we are confident that we deliver an engaged, loyal and relevant audience of the highest quality.

The Market


(yachts over 30m)

Our core audience focus is the active fleet delivered in the past 20 years.


new build projects
delivered per annum

Ranging from 30m LOA to 160m+


active refit & repair yards

These range from dedicated yards to commercial yards that offer superyacht services. Projects range from warranty and service contracts to major refits and extensions.


the annual average
operating budget

Each year superyachts spend an operating budget on a whole host of products and services, ranging from €800,000 to €15,000,000 per annum, depending on size and pedigree.


active new build yards

We engage with all shipyards but focus on the primary yards that are consistently delivering.


the ageing fleet

Some of the fleet is older than 30 years and in many cases are not operating, employing, investing or migrating.

The Audience

An intelligent business plan relies on understanding your audience of new and existing clients, communicating with them directly in a language that excites and engages them.

Note: The new portfolio is offered as part of a VIP Complimentary Subscription; therefore, these numbers fluctuate on a daily basis as our Buyer Audience grows, but these are the primary targets we are investing in, to deliver the right audience to the right product or service.


Active Captains
Chief Engineers
Chief Officers
Superyacht Owners
Senior Crew
Shipyard Management & Project Managers
Owners Representatives & Advisors
Potential Owners and Charter Clients
Brokers and Consultants
Superyacht Managers
other Crew
Designers & Naval Architects
Lawyers and Professional Advisors
Family Offices
Corporate Service Providers
Marina Management
Government offices
Decision makers, buyers, Influencers and advisors

The Content

It is important to reinforce that we made a strategic decision not to use freelancers to generate our content for our media channels, but to utilise our full-time staff, a very skilled and experienced team of editors, journalists and market analysts who are focused on delivering the most interesting, relevant and topical content that tackles and reports on the more serious subjects, reporting on the key aspects of the market. The online and print content we generate is typically unique, well researched and based on quality insights and a great network of experts. This makes the content always worth reading, which has been proven by the incredible amount of time our audience spends on-line consuming the news, features, opinions and perspectives we share.

M A R T I N   H  .  R E D M A Y N E
E D I T O R - I N - C H I E F
W I L L I A M   M A T H I E S O N
E D I T O R I A L  &  I N T E L L I G E N C E   D I R E C T O R
B R Y O N Y   M C C A B E
M E D I T E R R A N E A N   E D I T O R
R A C H E L   R O W N E Y
W E A L T H   E D I T O R
R O R Y   J A C K S O N
B U S I N E S S   E D I T O R
F E L I X   S O W E R B U T T S
B R O K E R A G E   E D I T O R
G E O R G I A   B O S C A W E N
F L E E T  &  D E S I G N   E D I T O R
C H A R L O T T E   T H O M A S
T E C H N I C A L   E D I T O R  &  I N T E L L I G E N C E   A N A L Y S T
R U S S E L L   C O C K E R T O N
P R O J E C T   S T R A T E G I S T

The Audience

The media landscape gets obsessed with numbers, how many unique views, how many readers and how many copies are printed, but we made a very key strategic decision to focus on quality and not quantity, as we have clearly seen that there are not hundreds of thousands of people worth reaching, there are not tens of thousands of active buyers nor are there thousands of decision makers.

Our focus has been and always will be, to deliver the highest quality buying audience, who are directly involved in the decisionmaking process and who are absolutely focused on the quality of content. This mission, based on our mantra of “Less is More”, has proven to work over the past year as we have seen some unprecedented engagement and interaction with our media channels.

We love your work and we, as designers, feel honoured talking to people like you . You have a wonderful Report with a wonderful change of identity. You’re very hard working people and I respect your magazine.


I like it because it is very technical and for once there is a magazine with more information than pictures and adverts. I know it says on the cover ‘A Report Worth Reading’, but that is exactly the point of it.


SuperyachtNews.com is an excellent platform for covering reports and promoting awareness.


I have been reading the new copy of The Superyacht Report - very nice! It has become, in my view, more professional and informative.



We chose your company as we considered it a premier provider, with an attitude focused on industry.


The Superyacht Group transmits professionalism, truthfulness and objectivity. It doesn’t matter whether you need visibility, data and intelligence, brand awareness, promotion or just editorial support; their experienced team is reliable whether you need a marketing proposal or simply a word of advice. They make sure your company hits your target audience through the proper channels. There’s no doubt, if you wish your company to play at the highest level, you must work with The Superyacht Group.


The Superyacht Group are a well-informed, friendly business investment that have helped us develop our network and reach the right people.


We like working with The Superyacht Report for its specialist market knowledge and intelligence, a finger on the pulse of all the aspects of the superyacht industry. A great resource of information and customer insight.


The Superyacht Group consistently searches for relevant issues within the industry and publishes insights that are valuable to all stakeholders within the yachting community.



The Superyacht

8 issues annually


The Crew

4 issues annually


The Superyacht
Annual Report

4 issues annually


The Superyacht News

84,000 unique visitors monthly
24,000+ subscribers
90,000+ social media audience


The Superyacht Forum

800 delegates hosted in 2017




Our strategy has evolved to ensure that every buyer or advisor with a significant level of influence will be eligible to receive The Superyacht Report with our compliments. Owners, Charter Clients, Potential Owners, Captains, Managers, Builders, Brokers, Repairers, Advisors, Lawyers, Designers, Senior Crew and Owners’ Representatives will all be able to receive the Report free of charge. This will guarantee one of the most valuable and powerful audiences in the market, with absolutely no wastage.


The Superyacht Report comprises an intelligent amalgamation of our print media channels, where we deliver one excellent print magazine with clearly defined sections that allow readers to consume information more efficently and for our marketing partners to engage our audience more effectively. The sections are, Business, Fleet, Technology, Operations, Owner, Buyer and Design.


As a guide, a single Full Page is £3,450; however, if you would like to discuss a strategic campaign across our portfolio in order to reach the best target audience, please contact your Account Manager so they can work with you on the best value partnership and the right level of investment.


With a team of 12 full-time journalists and market analysts, all linked with a vast network of contacts and experts throughout the industry, we deliver a report that provides expert opinion, trusted insight and the most topical and intelligent information that can be used for any decision making process. Our print media channel, The Superyacht Report is driven by the mantra “A Report Worth Reading”.


Advertise directly to your target audience with our dedicated sections

Business - Focusing on commercial, legislative and fiscal transit, our business aim is to be the industry’s leading source of market content, analysis and candid discussions.

Owner - Insight and commentary on a range of issues relating to yacht ownership and experiences, this section is dedicated to owners, charter clients and their advisers.

Fleet - Data and analysis on the growth of the fleet and factors that affect the market. This section is perfect for shipyards, marinas & suppliers.

Buyer - Views and dissection of the pertinent trends of the evertransitional brokerage market.

Technology - Focusing on the technical aspects of superyachts, from regulations to systems design and engineering. Relevant for owners, captains, engineers, designers, yards and key decision makers across all disciplines.

Design - Delving into the world of superyacht design and naval architecture, this section looks at forward-thinking concepts, provides insights into studios & design issues.

Operations - An insight into all facets of operating a superyacht, from shoreside yacht management to on-board procedures undertaken by captains, first officers and chief engineers.


Issue number     Focus
184 Owners
185 Refit
186 Technology
187 Captains
188 Tenders
189 The Monaco Edition
190 The US Edition
191 Design

The Superyacht
Annual Report


For the past decade we have delivered the most accurate and valuable new build market report that provides detailed intelligence on shipyards and their current delivery activity and order book. For 2018 the portfolio will explore the following sections:
- New Build
- Training & Recruitment
- Brokerage
- World Wealth


This is the ultimate business reference tool, and is invaluable to all prudent owners, charter clients, potential owners, captains, managers, builders, brokers, refitters, advisors, lawyers, designers, senior crew and owners’ representatives. This unrivalled depth of market analysis is published to support key industry stakeholders across the globe in their strategic decision-making.


As a guide, a single Full Page is £3,500; however, if you would like to discuss a strategic campaign across our portfolio in order to reach the best target audience, please contact your Account Manager so they can work with you on the best value partnership and the right level of investment.



Our new and improved distribution methods have ensured The Crew Report gets into the hands of the crew; when magazines are delivered direct to the yacht, the number of copies will be based on the size of crew, to ensure every crew member on board can read the magazine.


As a guide, a single Full Page is £1,200; however, we also offer half pages and quarter pages. If you would like to discuss a strategic campaign, reaching the best target audience of captains and crew, please contact your Account Manager so they can work with you on the best value partnership and right level of investment.


Advertise directly to your target audience with our dedicated sections

Captains - As the key decisionmakers on board, this section offers those at the helm the ins and outs of regulations, crew mentoring and yacht operations, offering captains a focused and professional media space.

Deck - Whether it be washing down, dealing with tenders and toys or liaising with guests, we offer advice and information to this hands-on department, so often full of crew new to the industry.

Interior - As interior training standards are on the rise and more prominence is given to the department, this section offers muchneeded career advice to a department where this has been severely lacking.

Engine Room - Being tucked away in the bowels of the yacht shouldn’t mean engineers are tucked away from pertinent information, and this section offers just that, whether it be certification changes or updated training requirements.

Galley - A department that is, quite rightly, seeing growing interest in terms of education, training and value, we offer those arguably most in demand on board the information required to get them through a tough season and career as a superyacht chef.

Careers - With regulations, certification updates and training requirements changing on a seemingly daily basis, and a growing interest of a career on board superyachts, this section focus on the most pertinent recruitment and training information and advice, to best support those working in this industry.


Issue number     Focus
84 Careers
85 Agents
86 Monaco Yacht Show
87 US & Caribbean

Superyacht News


The internet is flooded with information and data that is chaotic and, in many cases, inaccurate. Over the past year we have invested and reinvented SuperyachtNews.com in order to become the most intelligent, informed and interactive website in the market. Only high-quality journalism and opinion from our export editors is available, so the best quality audience is engaged, and using the ‘My News’ tool, ensures each user enjoys their own unique experience, and finds the information they want more efficiently.



The Audience
In the past 12 months we have seen a 75% increase in unique visitors to the website, reaching over 84,000 per month.

With an intelligent, informed and interactive site, the average time spent on SuperyachtNews has grown by 66%, from 3 minutes and seven seconds to 8 minutes and 21 seconds.

Bounce Rate
Since relaunching SuperyachtNews as a more engaging platform, we have seen a dramatic drop in our bounce rate, as people are valuing our content and venturing much further than their original destination page, reflected in the drop of our bounce by from 56% to 4% - a 93% decrease.



We offer intelligent and targeted campaigns, allowing you to reach your core audience in the most direct way possible. We can do this in a variety of ways, as laid out below.


We can set up your online campaign to run worldwide or focus on specific countries and regions. For example, if you want to reinforce your brand in Europe, we can target specific advertising to European countries, but should you then wish to break into the US market, you can supply separate artwork that will only be shown to people visiting SuperyachtNews.com from a US IP address.


This works through our metadata in the background. For example, if you are a marina who wants to target superyachts larger than 100m, we can tell your artwork to show up against any of editors’ news pieces and online features that are tagged with the relevant keyword – in this case, for example, ‘marina’, berth’ or ‘100m’.


If you are an insurance broker, you may want to reach owners and their advisors specifically, so we can ensure your adverts only appear in our Owner and Business sections, instead of just canvassing the whole website and wasting impressions on an audience with whom you’re not specifically trying to engage. This is a much more targeted approach, so you use your budget much more intelligently.

Bespoke events

From small gatherings of CEOs and customer Think Tanks, all the way through to cocktail receptions and location experiences, it is the mission and objective of the Superyacht Events team to deliver the most valuable and topical meetings that shape and improve the way our industry evolves and grows.

Our team of experienced event managers is available to take care of your event from start to finish. Their dedication and attention to detail will ensure that it runs smoothly, and allows you precious quality time to spend with your guests.

The Superyacht


In 2017, The Superyacht Forum welcomed a record audience of 800 delegates to Amsterdam. The evolved event programme catered to a full cross-section of the market, with keynotes, workshops and candid discussions devoted to a broad range of topics, from business and technology to marketing and design.

This year, we will once again provide the market with a platform to connect, interact and ensure that we pave the way for a strong and sustainable future. Running alongside METSTRADE, The Superyacht Forum attracts the most influential figures in the industry, including Captains, Owners’ Representatives, Yacht Managers, Lawyers, Brokers and Designers.

With three days of dynamic debates, inspiring keynotes, VIP networking and an exciting social programme, The Superyacht Forum 2018 promises to be ‘An Event Worth Attending’.


Who are we?

The Superyacht Group is one of the few privately owned, fully independent media businesses in the sector.

However, we have decided that we do not want to be labelled a media or magazine company but more a market insight and information provider. Our business is built around the core values of excellent customer service, high quality journalism and intelligence and a rare passion to deliver the best products and services we can, for our audience and partners.

Our newly refined and refreshed portfolio is there to ensure that all buyers and their advisors interact with our information, insight, opinions and intelligence on a daily basis, as they know it can be relied on and be trusted as the best in class. Over the past 25 years we have evolved, grown, changed course and added new initiatives to our portfolio, in order to serve the market and stand out from the crowd of other media companies. We love superyachts and our diverse team of journalists, editors, account managers, analysts, marketers, support staff and researchers strives for excellence in everything we do.

Where are we?

The Superyacht Group’s headquarters are based in London in the cool, relaxed and fun part of this powerful city, known as Northcote Road.

A dynamic social hub of bars, restaurants and culinary artisans, sandwiched between two vast green parks and connected to the world through fantastic transport links to the airports and rail networks of London that allow any of our team to jump on a plane within a hour from their desk. However, our team is constantly travelling the globe to meet partners, attend and host events or to visit shipyards and major yachting hubs, from Seattle to Singapore

and New Zealand to New York and everywhere in between. We have journalists in key locations in Italy and Palma Mallorca, with plans to have a more permanent operation in Asia and the USA for our future strategic plans. Next time you’re in London please stop by and we will entertain you at any one of the coffee or wine bars that are within a few seconds of our front door.

W W W . T H E S U P E R Y A C H T G R O U P . C O M